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Virtal cardgame – Feelin Cards : Let your moods speak

Virtal cardgame – Feelin Cards : Let your moods speak


Let your moods and feelings speak

Feelin’ cards is a set of 56 large-format cards and 40 page booklet, for use with individual or group coaching. They help your clients focus on their emotions and open up about how they feel.

56 large format cards (8.5 X 12 cm), printed in full color

Virtal cardgame – Feelin Cards : Let your moods speak

These 56 large-format Feelin’ Cards and 40 page booklet will help your clients focus on emotions and open up about how they feel.


How are you feeling today?

What brings joy or sadness, what stimulates or irritates you? These will be just some of our emotions and moods today, but emotions are physiological reactions to stimulation and sometimes visible. They can sometimes last just a few minutes and will normally unfold in three stages:

  • The charge: Our perception of a stimulus (visual, auditory, olfactory) and the interpretation by our amygdala (element of the brain, essential for decoding emotions) that trigger an emotional charge and release of hormones around the body.
  • Tension: Our body then puts itself into tension by mobilizing energy so we are ready for fight or flight. The emotion guides our body towards an appropriate reaction, to either expand, retract, attract or reject.
  • Discharge: The final phase allows our body to return to a normal equilibrium. Sometimes tremor will allow fear to be expelled from the body, or we may want to scream to get any anger and frustration out, or our laughter will express any feelings of joy.



How to use this card game:

Because it can sometimes be difficult to define and talk about how we feel, this game has been designed to help people think about how they feel and express those feelings.

  1. Checking the temperature with an individual or in a group session to help them express how they are feeling. Start with all of the cards face up and ask your client to select a card that best shows how they are feeling at the start of the session. This can really help if somebody finds it difficult to fully express how they feel, so the card can support them and show what they are feeling. You can re-run the exercise at the end of the session to see if anything has changed.
  2. The hidden need looks behind an emotion to try and identify the need. For example, fear expresses the need to be reassured in the face of real or suspected danger or when faced with the unknown. Anger expresses a need to be heard when faced with what feel like an injustice, frustration or annoyance. Sadness expresses a need for consolation and normally follows the feelings of loss or separation. Joy expresses a need to share or celebrate a happy event or success. Through open questioning, you can help bring out any underlying need.
  3. Open questioning will help you work with your clients to uncover how each card makes them feel. Picking a card at random and asking what it makes them think of or in what type of situation they would feel this way. And if it is a recurring feeling, what could they do differently the next time they are in the situation again?



The Feelin’ Cards game consists of:

  • 56 large format Feelin’ Cards printed in full color. Each card represents an emotion, mood or sensation illustrated in a fun and engaging way using ‘big heads’ in an emoji-style specially created for this game.
  • 40 page booklet with full instructions on how to play the game. Plus a detailed definition of each of the 56 emotions, moods and sensations.

Please note: This game can be used by any professional trained to support others. This can be a professional coach, HR or training professional, educator, social worker etc. This card game can also be used for your own personal development and helps you practice your questioning.




Your printed card game will be tracked and sent in protective packaging. A flat rate amount is added for postage when you order this card game, however if you purchase four or more printed card games (within the same order), we will refund any excess postage paid if it was not needed to pay for delivery.



Contents: Set of 56 large format (8.5 X 12 cm) Feelin’ Cards printed in full color. The cards are boxed and include a 40 page booklet with full instructions and a detailed definition of the 56 emotions and feelings.

Weight: 230g

Design: Ivan Leprêtre

Authors: Anna & Marie Edery.

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